Master's of Science in Computing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MS-CEI)

Dear Prospective Student,

Excited by the possibility of your business ideas becoming a reality? Passionate about working on highly technical and impactful projects? Moved by making a difference in today's digital world?

The new MS program in Computing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MS-CEI) can help make this all possible. Offered jointly by the Courant Institute and the Stern School of Business, we are leveraging our faculty research expertise, leading global professional network, and broad portfolio of academic programs to foster the next generation of thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

The MS-CEI has been designed to train future generations of technology entrepreneurs in the fundamentals of computer science and entrepreneurship - admission information can be found here.

Located in Greenwich Village, the heart of one of the world's most inspiring and influential cities, it's a great environment to turn ideas into business realities. The MS-CEI program provides students with the know-how and skills that will lead them to become the next CEOs and CTOs. This program will empower technology entrepreneurs to design innovative technology solutions for challenges facing society today and enable them to translate these ideas to successful entrepreneurial efforts.

We look forward to seeing your application.

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Thank you,

Professor Evan Korth
Professor Evan Korth
Director of Graduate Studies, MS-CEI Program
Professor Lakshmi Subramanian
Professor Lakshmi Subramanian
Co-Organizer, MS-CEI Program