Computer Science Course Equivalencies

College Board Advanced Placement

NYU Computer Science, CAS College Board Advanced Placement
CSCI-UA 101, Introduction to Computer Science AP Computer Science, grade of 4 or 5
MATH-UA 121, Calculus I AP Math AB, grade of 4 or 5
MATH-UA 122, Calculus II AP Math BC, grade of 5 (Does not apply for Stern Students)

INTERNAL - Across NYU Campuses (Abu Dhabi, Shanghai & Tandon)

NYU Computer Science, CAS NYU Abu Dhabi
CSCI-UA 101, Introduction to Computer Science CS-UH 1001, Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI-UA 102, Data Structures CS-UH 1050, Data Structures
CSCI-UA 201, Computer Systems Organization CS-UH 2010, Computer Systems Organization
CSCI-UA 202, Operating Systems CS-UH 3010, Operating Systems
CSCI-UA 310, Basic Algorithms CS-UH 1052, Algorithms
CS 400-level Elective CS-UH 2012, Software Engineering
CS 400-level Elective CS-UH 2213, Artificial Intelligence
CS 400-level Elective CS-UH 2214, Databases
CS 400-level Elective CS-UH 2215, Computer Graphics
CS 400-level Elective CS-UH 3012, Computer Networks
MATH-UA 120, Discrete Math CS-UH 1002, Discrete Math
NYU Computer Science, CAS NYU Shanghai
CSCI-UA 101, Introduction to Computer Science CSCI-SHU 101, Introduction to Computer Science [1]
CSCI-UA 102, Data Structures CSCI-SHU 210, Data Structures
CSCI-UA 201, Computer Systems Organization CSCI-SHU 202, Computer Architecture
CSCI-UA 202, Operating Systems CSCI-SHU 215, Operating Systems
CS 400-level Elective CSCI-SHU 235, Information Visualization
CS 400-level Elective CSCI-SHU 360, Machine Learning
CS 400-level Elective INTM-SHU 150, Mobile Media
CS 400-level Elective INTM-SHU 231, Developing Web
MATH-UA 120, Discrete Math MATH-SHU 120, MATH-SHU 237, or CSCI-SHU 2314
MATH-UA 121, Calculus I MATH-SHU 110, Calculus I, or MATH-SHU 121
MATH-UA 140, Linear Algebra MATH-SHU 140 or 117, Linear Algebra
MATH-UA 235, Probability & Statistics MATH-SHU 235, Probability & Statistics

[1] Students who take CSCI-SHU 101, Intro to Computer Science will be required to pass a placement exam before enrolling in CSCI-UA.102 Data Structures due to programming language differences between the two campuses.

NYU Computer Science, CAS NYU Tandon School of Engineering
CSCI-UA 101, Introduction to Computer Science [2] [2]
CSCI-UA 102, Data Structures CS-UY 1134, Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI-UA 201, Computer Systems Organization CS-UY 2214, Computer Architecture and Organization
CSCI-UA 202, Operating Systems CS-UY 3224, Introduction to Operating Systems
MATH-UA 120, Discrete Math MA-UY 2314, Discrete Math, or MA-UY 2312 & 2322
MATH-UA 121, Calculus I MA-UY 1024 & 1124, or 1324 & 1424 or 1132 [3]
MATH-UA 140, Linear Algebra MA-UY 2012, 3113, 2034, 3044 or 3054

[2] Students transferring from Tandon in their first year will not have the proper equivalencies for the Computer Science major at CAS. It is recommended that students finish the following sequence at Tandon before transferring to CAS: 1114 (intro programming course in Python) → 1134 (Data structures in Python) → 2124 (Object Oriented Programming in C++). If this sequence is completed, students will get credit for CSCI-UA 101 and CSCI-UA 102. Please contact the CS department for more information. Students may be required to take a placement exam to determine their level.

[3] The two sequences 1024-1124 and 1324-1424 are Calc I+II. The two first courses, 1024 and 1324, are not equivalent to Calculus I.

NYU Grad Class as a 400-level Elective

You may substitute a graduate level course in place of a 400-level elective, however, graduate courses are only 3 credits compared to undergraduate courses that are 4 credits. You will be one credit short from the 48 credit minimum. In the past, the Registrar's Office and the Dean's Office have allowed students to graduate with 47 credits in the Computer Science major. If you complete two graduate courses and have a total of 46 credits in the Computer Science major, the Registrar's Office will not allow you to graduate. Therefore you will need to complete an additional-400 level computer science course or graduate level computer science course.

One option we recommend is to talk to the professor about taking a one credit independent study with them the same semester you take the graduate class. This will keep you at 4 credits, in case you take a second graduate class in the future. Note that this is the only situation in which an independent study will count towards the major. The grade earned in the graduate class will be the same grade issued for the independent study.

Eligibility, students should have earned a Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher and have satisfied the CSCI-UA 101, CSCI-UA 102, CSCI-UA 201, CSCI-UA 202, and CSCI-UA 310.

Please provide all of the following:

  1. Your NYU Student ID#, NYU Net ID, Major GPA, and Overall GPA.
  2. You will need to get permission from the Computer Science Department. Please send your NYU transcript for review to
  3. In addition, you need to contact the instructor of the graduate course you intend to register for to make sure you have the necessary background to register for the course. Please contact the professor with your major GPA, background and your objectives for the class.

A grade of C or better is required for credit (a grade of Pass is not sufficient).

Graduate students are given preference for registration in graduate courses; undergraduates may only register if space permits.

EXTERNAL - Transfer Course Approval Process


Before you register for the proposed course, please provide CS Department with the following:

  1. College/University
  2. Course Title
  3. Course #
  4. Course Description
  5. Syllabus
  6. Textbook
  7. Link to the Course
  8. NYU CS Equivalent Course
  9. Reason for this transfer request

After you provide the CS Department with this information, we will then forward it to our Director of Undergraduate Studies to review and approve. If our Director does not approve, we do not advise to you register for the course as it will not be applicable towards your major requirements.


Students must also petition our Associate Dean for Academic Standards, Richard Kalb (Silver 909), for his permission to take the course and transfer the points back. Please follow up with your primary CAS advisor about this. As far as the Dean's Office is concerned, all coursework primarily for majors, must be done at NYU – including summer sessions – unless the student has found a unique educational experience not offered here, or is behind on credits and needs financial aid reinstated, or is going on non-NYU study abroad.


A grade of C or better is required for credit (a grade of Pass is not sufficient). None of the course equivalencies mentioned in this page are automatically approved, they must be approved by the Computer Science Department. Before your last semester, please make sure that your Academic Advisor in the Computer Science Department submits a memo on your behalf, requesting approval of the equivalencies to the Registrar's Office.