Ph.D. For-credit Internship Policy

The department encourages students to go on internships, whenever there is academic justification for doing that. A student who wishes to go on a for-credit internship, should:

  • No later than a month prior to the internship's start date, submit a request to the DGS-PhD and the research advisor, together with a plan for the internship sufficient to evaluate its academic quality and relevance.
  • The student's research advisor submits a support letter to the DGS-PhD.
  • The DGS-PhD decides whether to approve the request, possibly after consulting with the research advisor and the host.
  • At the end of the internship, the student should submit a report to the DGS-PhD. The host submits an evaluation of the internship, and approves the student's report. Based on this, and possibly after requesting additional information, the DGS-PhD decides on a grade for the internship.

The above applies to both summer for-credit internships and to for-credit internships during the academic year. Special scrutiny would be applied in the latter case, to make sure the internship does not interfere with the student's remaining commitments. Also, in the latter case, internships are limited to 20 hours a week. Internships that are not taken for credit are not subject to these rules.

For-credit internships normally cannot be taken more than 4 times. Exceptions will be considered based on adequate academic justification.

Please note that, as a for-credit course, your internship dates should be aligned with the start and end dates of an academic semester. Please refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar for semester dates.

The course number for for-credit internships is CSCI-GA.3870-002 .

This policy supersedes the GSAS Policy on Internships for Academic Credit .