Master's Program Admissions FAQs

Q: What are the educational goals of the program?

To make you a better thinker, a better programmer, a better language designer, and to give you a good understanding of current technology. Our philosophy is to require you to master core topics and then let you specialize in application areas of your interest.

Q: How do I decide which program suits me best?

I'm interested in computers as a tool to get me a job, but want practical training only.
Check the courses and certificate programs in the NYU school of Continuing and Professional Studies.

I'm interested mostly in research and teaching.
Try for the PhD, an extremely competitive program.

I'm interested in a technical education that balances practical with theoretical training. Once I'm done, I don't want to stay in an academic environment.
Advice: Master's in Computer Science.

I'm interested in a balanced business/technical education and to learn skills that will lead me to technical management.
Advice: Master's in Information Systems.

I'm interested in a mathematics and scientific computing education but with applications to industry, e.g. mathematical finance.
Advice: Master's in Scientific Computing.

Q: How good do I have to be to get in?

You need strong GREs, great recommendations, and impressive grades. Please find specifics in Admissions Information .

Q: What do I have to submit to apply?

See Admissions Information for a list of the materials you need to submit. It can help speed your application's progress if all elements of the application are submitted together; however GSAS will accept credentials that arrive separately.

Q: What are the pre-requisites to get in? What if I have no formal academic background in computer science?

The pre-requisites are in Admissions Information . Prospective students without any background are directed to the PAC (Preparatory Accelerated Course) program, a two course program beginning in the fall and ending in the spring, which is designed to prepare students to begin a master's program in computer science.

Q: Can I just take courses as a non-degree student? Do I still have to apply in the same way that degree students do?

In order to take courses in the department you must formally apply, whether you want to pursue a degree or not. Non-degree applications are available through the Graduate School.