Courses Summer 1997

G22.3033.05 Programming for the World Wide Web. Instructor: Amsterdam, Jonathan
V22.0380.001 Computer Science Fundamentals in C. Instructor: Name Removed
V22.0310.001 Basic Algorithms. Instructor: Berger, Marsha
G22.3033.06 Visual Organization & Recognition. Instructor: Geiger, Davi
V22.0436.001 Computer Architecture. Instructor: Grishman, Ralph
V22.0201.003 Systems Organization I. Instructor: Hull, Nathan
A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice. Instructor: Hull, Nathan
A22.0002 Intro to Computers & Programming. Instructor: Marateck, Samuel
G22.2434 Advanced Database Systems. Instructor: Shasha, Dennis
G22.2631 Distributed Computing. Instructor: Shasha, Dennis
V22.0480.01 Special Topics in Computer Science: C++ & Unix. Instructor: Shasha, Dennis
V22.0201.002 Computer Systems Organization I. Instructor: Yap, Chee