Courses Spring 2007

Gallagher G22.1144-001 C-PAC II (4 pts.)
Mishra G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms - Lecture
Hirzel G22.2110-001 Programming Languages - Lecture
Holland G22.2112-001 Scientific Computing
Gottlieb G22.2130-001 Compiler Construction
Banikazemi G22.2233-001 Computer Systems Design
Gottlieb G22.2250-001 Operating Systems
Geiger G22.2271-001 Computer Vision
Perlin G22.2280-001 User Interfaces
Ren G22.2421-001 Numerical Methods II
Kedem G22.2433-001 Database Systems
Franchitti G22.2440-001 Software Engineering
Bonneau G22.2520-001 Bioinformatics and Genomes (4 pts.)
Geiger G22.2560-001 Artificial Intelligence
Mohri G22.2566-001 Foundations of Machine Learning
Shelley G22.2945-001 Comp Fluid Dynamics
Pnueli G22.3033-002 Timed & Hybrid Systems
Zorin G22.3033-003 Geometric Modeling
CANCELLED G22.3033-004 Computational Biology
CANCELLED G22.3033-005 Internet/Intranet Protocols & Applications
Li G22.3033-006 Distributed Storage Systems
Subramanian G22.3033-007 What if a Computer Lies?
CANCELLED G22.3033-008 Rapid Visualization
Barrett G22.3033-009 Topics in Automated Deduction
CANCELLED G22.3033-010 Data Warehousing
Schidlowsky G22.3033-011 Production Quality Software
Kedem G22.3033-012 Cryptographic Tools in Deployed Systems: What Does the Padlock Mean?
Dodis G22.3033-013 Exposure-Resilient Cryptography
CANCELLED G22.3110-001 Honors PL (4 pts.)
Pnueli G22.3130-001 Honors Compilers (4 pts.)
Shoup G22.3220-001 Advanced Cryptography
Grimm G22.3250-001 Honors OS (4 pts.)
A. Goldberg G22.3812-001 Info Technology Projects
Dodis G22.3850-001 PhD Research Seminar: Cryptography
Grimm G22.3850-002 PhD Research Seminar: Systems
Cole G22.3850-003 PhD Research Seminar: Theory
Barrett G22.3850-004 PhD Research Seminar: Formal Methods
CANCELLED G22.3850-005 PhD Research Seminar: Algebraic & Topological Computing
Mohri G22.3850-006 PhD Research Seminar: Machine Learning
Korth V22.0001-001 Computers and Society
Odeh V22.0002-001 Intro to Computers & Programming
Korth V22.0002-002 Intro to Computers & Programming
Engel V22.0002-003 Intro to Computers & Programming
Marateck V22.0002-004 Intro to Computers & Programming
Engel V22.0004-001 Computers in Principle & Practice I
Odeh V22.0004-002 Computers in Principle & Practice I
CANCELLED V22.0004-003 Computers in Principle & Practice I
Hull V22.0004-004 Computers in Principle & Practice I
Korth V22.0004-005 Computers in Principle & Practice I
Engel V22.0060-001 Database Design & Web Implementation
Marateck V22.0101-001 Intro to Computer Science Honors
Marateck V22.0101-002 Intro to Computer Science
Melamed V22.0102-001 Data Structures Honors
Marateck V22.0102-002 Data Structures
Hull V22.0201-001 Computer Systems Organization Honors
Hull V22.0201-002 Computer Systems Organization
Hull V22.0202-001 Operating Systems Honors
Hull V22.0202-002 Operating Systems
Siegel V22.0310-001 Basic Algorithms Honors
Siegel V22.0310-002 Basic Algorithms
Odeh V22.0380-001 Tpcs of General Interest: Game Programming
Overton V22.0421-001 Numerical Computing
Kedem V22.0444-001 Intro to Database Systems
Mohri V22.0468-001 Unix Tools
Barrett V22.0474-001 Software Engineering
CANCELLED V22.0478-001 Intro to Cryptography
CANCELLED V22.0480-001 Sp Tps: Crypto Tools in Current Systems
LeCun V22.0480-002 Sp Tps: Intro to Machine Learning
CANCELLED V22.0480-003 Sp Tps: Computer Vision
Bregler V22.0480-004 Sp Tps: Intro to Motion Capture
CANCELLED V22.0480-005 Sp Tps: Comp in Genomics & Bioinformatics
Staff V22.0521-001 Undergraduate Research
Staff V22.0998-001 Independent Study