Courses Spring 2006

Lewis G22.1144-001 C-PAC II
Mishra G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms
Osinski G22.2110-001 Programming Languages
Goodman G22.2112-001 Scientific Computing
B. Goldberg G22.2130-001 Compiler Construction
Banikazemi G22.2243-001 High Performance Computer Architecture
Hinds G22.2250-001 Operating Systems
Geiger G22.2271-001 Computer Vision
CANCELLED G22.2280-001 User Interfaces
Fauci G22.2421-001 Numerical Methods II
Shasha G22.2433-001 Database Systems
Franchitti G22.2440-001 Software Engineering
Davis G22.2560-001 Artificial Intelligence
Grishman G22.2590-001 Natural Language Processing
Widlund G22.2945-001 Advanced Numerical Analysis: Finite Element Methods
Greengard G22.2945-002 Select Topics in Numerical Analysis: Integral Equations, Fast Algorithms, and Potential Theory
Bregler G22.3033-001 Experiments Motion Capture
Shoup G22.3033-002 Introduction to Computational Number Theory & Algebra
Mohri G22.3033-003 Foundations of Machine Learning
A. Goldberg G22.3033-004 Internet/Intranet Protocols & Applications
Pnueli G22.3033-005 Analysis of Reactive Systems
Spencer G22.3033-007 Random Graphs
Yap G22.3033-008 Special Topics in Complexity Theory
Zamchick and Amento G22.3033-009 Rapid Visualization
Saleeb G22.3033-010 Data Warehousing & Mining
Bregler G22.3033-011 Advanced Topics Computer Vision & Tracking
Nissenbaum G22.3033-012 Values Embodied in Information & Communication Technologies
LeCun G22.3033-013 Advanced Machine Learning
Perlin G22.3033-014 Physical Media
Dodis G22.3220-001 Advanced Cryptography
A. Goldberg G22.3812-001 Information Technology Projects
Dodis G22.3850-001 PhD Research Seminar - Cryptography
Grimm G22.3850-002 PhD Research Seminar - Systems
Cole G22.3850-003 PhD Research Seminar - Theory
Barrett G22.3850-004 PhD Research Seminar - Formal Methods
Yap and Zorin G22.3850-005 PhD Research Seminar - Geometric, Algebraic & Topological Computing
Mohri G22.3850-006 Phd Research Seminar - Machine Learning
Korth V22.0001-001 Computers and Society
Marateck V22.0002-001 Introduction to Computers & Programming
Korth V22.0002-002 Introduction to Computers & Programming
Marateck V22.0002-003 Introduction to Computers & Programming
Korth V22.0002-004 Introduction to Computers & Programming
Engel V22.0004-001 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Odeh V22.0004-002 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Engel V22.0004-003 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Odeh V22.0004-004 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Hull V22.0005-001 Computers in Principles & Practice II
Engel V22.0060-001 Database Design and Web Implementation
Marateck V22.0101-001 Introduction to Computer Science I
Melamed V22.0102-001 Introduction to Computer Science II
Melamed V22.0102-003 Introduction to Computer Science II (Honors)
Hull V22.0201-001 Computer Systems Organization I
Hull V22.0202-001 Computer Systems Organization II (Honors)
Hull V22.0202-002 Computer Systems Organization II
Schonberg V22.0310-001 Basic Algorithms
Berger V22.0421-001 Numerical Computing
Barrett V22.0474-001 Software Engineering
CANCELLED V22.0480-001 Special Topics: Introduction to Machine Learning
Lee V22.0480-002 Special Topics: Unix Tools
Dodis V22.0480-003 Special Topics: Introduction to Cryptography
Geiger V22.0480-004 Special Topics: Building Robots
Odeh V22.0480-005 Special Topics: Applied Internet Technology
Zorin V22.0480-006 Special Topics: Interactive Computer Graphics
CANCELLED V22.0480-007 Special Topics: TBA