Courses Fall 2005

Lewis G22.1133-001 C-PAC I(4pts)
Yap G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms
Schonberg G22.2110-001 Programming Languages
Overton G22.2112-001 Scientific Computing
Schonberg G22.2130-001 Compilers
Korn and Lee G22.2245-001 Unix Tools
Robertazzi G22.2250-001 Operating Systems
Conron G22.2262-001 Data Communications & Networks
Zorin G22.2270-001 Computer Graphics
Holland G22.2420-001 Numerical Methods I
Shasha G22.2434-001 Advanced Database Systems
LeCun G22.2565-001 Machine Learning
Shasha G22.2631-001 Distributed Computing
Tornberg G22.2945-001 Topics in Numerical Analysis: Computational Techniques for Problems with Evolving Interfaces
Overton G22.2945-002 Topics in Numerical Analysis: Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Goodman G22.2960-001 Monte Carlo Methods
Shasha G22.2965-001 Heuristic Problem Solving
Melamed G22.3033-003 Machine Translation
Mishra G22.3033-004 Computational Biology
Perlin G22.3033-005 Multimedia
A. Goldberg G22.3033-006 Producing Production Quality Software
Franchitti G22.3033-007 Application Servers
Poelman G22.3033-008 WWW Programming
B. Goldberg G22.3110-001 Honors Programming Languages (4pts)
Shoup G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms (4pts)
A. Goldberg G22.3812-001 Info Tech Projects
Dodis G22.3850-001 PhD Research Seminar: Cryptography
Grimm G22.3850-002 PhD Research Seminar: Systems
Cole G22.3850-003 PhD Research Seminar: Theory
Barrett G22.3850-004 PhD Research Seminar: Formal Methods
Yap and Zorin G22.3850-005 PhD Research Seminar: Geometric, Algebraic and Topological Computing
Marateck V22.0002-001 Intro to Computers & Programming
Marateck V22.0002-002 Intro to Computers & Programming
Odeh V22.0002-003 Intro to Computers & Programming
Engel V22.0002-004 Intro to Computers & Programming
Engel V22.0004-001 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Korth V22.0004-002 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Engel V22.0004-003 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Odeh V22.0004-004 Computers in Principles & Practice I
Hull V22.0005-001 Computers in Principles & Practice II
Marateck V22.0101-001 Intro to Computer Science I
Korth V22.0102-001 Intro to Computer Science II
Hull V22.0201-001 Computer Systems Organization I
Grishman V22.0201-002 Computer Systems Organization I HONORS
Hull V22.0202-001 Computer Systems Organization II
Yap V22.0310-001 Basic Algorithms
Odeh V22.0380-001 Web Development & Programming
B. Goldberg V22.0436-001 Computer Architecture
Shoup V22.0453-001 Theory of Computation
Grimm V22.0470-001 Object Oriented Programming
CANCELLED V22.0477-001 Distributed Storage Systems
Davis V22.0480-001 Sp Tps: Artifical Intelligence
Perlin V22.0480-002 Sp Tps: Intro to Comp Graphics
Bregler V22.0480-003 Sp Tps: Intro to Motion Capture
CANCELLED V22.0480-004 Sp Tps: Bioinformatics