Research Projects

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Notes: informal notes on some researchy topics
Code available online.
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Research Topics

Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Learning with Non-Ignorable Missing Data Effects
  • Inference in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.
  • Efficient Learning with Hidden Variables
  • Alternate Objective Functions for Makovian Fields
  • Constrained Hidden Markov Models
  • Linear-Gaussian Models
  • Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
  • Linear Heteroencoders
  • Computing with Action Potentials

Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction

  • Nonlinear Canonical Correlations
  • Automatic Alignment of Local Representations
  • Stochastic Neighbour Embedding
  • Global Coordination of Local Linear Models
  • Locally Linear Embedding (LLE)
  • Learning Nonlinear Dynamics

Speech, Audio, Image & Signal Processing

  • Image Deblurring
  • Sensor Fusion and Identification
  • Pitch Tracking
  • Time-scale modification
  • Segmental Models
  • Speech from Spectrogram
  • Auditory Scene Analysis
  • Speech Denoising
  • Articulatory speech processing
  • Simple psychophysics
  • Hidden speaking mode

Analysis of Large Datasets

  • Bioinformatics (HPLC/MassSpec, Microarrays, Protein Networks)
  • Astrophysical Data and Automated Astrometry
  • CVS Code Repositories
  • Data Visualization

Other Interests
(OCR, Document Processing, Information Retrieval, Collaborative Filtering, Robot Localization, ...)

DNA Computing (old)

Analogue Circuits (old)

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