Students, Postdocs and Other Collaborators

  • Common questions and answers for prospective students.

    Students/Postdocs I am currently working with

    Students who have completed theses under my (co)supervision:

    • Dustin Lang (PhD, 2009) Automatic Recognition and Calibration of Astronomical Images [pdf]
      [External Examiner: Doug Finkbeiner, Harvard]
    • Graham Taylor (PhD, 2009, co-advisor Geoff Hinton) Composable, distributed-state models for high-dimensional time-series [pdf]
      [External Examiner: Chris Bregler, NYU]
    • Ruslan Salakhutdinov (PhD, 2009, co-advisor Geoff Hinton) Learning Deep Generative Models [pdf]
      [External Examiner: Mike Jordan, UC Berkeley]
    • Ted Meeds (PhD, 2008)
      Nonparametric Bayesian Methods for Extracting Structure from Data [pdf]
      [External Examiner: Max Welling, UC Irvine]
    • Kannan Achan (PhD, 2007, co-advisor Brendan Frey)
      Probabilistic Models of Time Domain Speech Signals [thesis pdf]
      [External Examiner: Li Deng, Microsoft Research]
    • Jennifer Listgarten (PhD 2007, co-advisor Radford Neal)
      Analysis of sibling time series data: alignment and difference detection [thesis, code, data]
      [External Examiner: Kevin Murphy, UBC]
    • Scott Leishman (MSC 2007).
      Shape Free Statistical Information in Optical Character Recognition [pdf]
      [Second Reader: Rich Zemel, UofT]
    • Kevin Laven (MSC 2005).
      Application of Statistical Pattern Recognition to Document Segmentation and Labelling [pdf, ps.gz]
      [Second Reader: Rich Zemel, UofT]
    • Chris Harvey (MSC 2004).
      New Algorithms for Automated Astrometry [pdf]
      [Second Reader: David Hogg, NYU]
    • Sean Wood (BApSc Thesis 2004).
      An Inverted Index Approach to Music Retrieval
    • Yousuf Shamim Ahmed (MSC 2004).
      Multiple Random Projection for Fast, Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensions [pdf]
      [Second Reader: Avner Magen, UofT]
    • Ruslan Salakhutdinov (MSC 2003)
      Efficient Optimization Algorithms for Learning [pdf]
      [Second Reader: Zoubin Ghahramani, Gatsby Unit]

    Other Co-Conspirators at NYU

    External Collaborators

    Previous Group Members/Collaborators

    • Jon Barron(Toronto/NYU/Google, now at Berkeley)
    • Ben Marlin (Zemel lab)
    • Keir Mierle (now at Google, Mountain View; works on project)
    • Kannan Achan (now at Microsoft Research, Mountain View; completed his PhD with myself and Brendan Frey in 2007)
    • Jennifer Listgarten (now at Microsoft Research, Redmond; completed her PhD with myself and Radford Neal in 2007)
    • Nati Srebro (now at TTI-Chicago; did a postdoc in Toronto from 2005-2008)
    • Yee Whye Teh (now at Gatsby Unit, London; Toronto postdoc 2002-2003)
    • Mathew Beal (now at Citadel Chicago; was a postdoc in Toronto from 2002-2004)
    • Jacob Goldberger (now Bar-Ilan University, Israel; was a postdoc in Toronto from 2003-2004)
    • Scott Leishman (now at Fair Isaac, San Diego; completed his MSC with me in 2007)
    • Khashayar Rohanimanesh (now at MIT; visited Toronto from U.Mass Amherst fall 2003 till summer 2005)
    • Jakob Verbeek (now at INRIA; visited Toronto from U.Amsterdam May-September 2003)
    • Joaquin Quinonero Candela (now at MSR Cambridge UK; visited Toronto May-November 2003 from Danish Technical U.)
    • Sean Wood (now at McGill; did his Senior Thesis with me in 2004 on music track identification)
    • Christopher Stumm (now at Microsoft, Redmond; works on the project)

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