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Sam Roweis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New York University. His research interests are in machine learning, data mining, and statistical signal processing. Roweis did his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in the Engineering Science program and earned his doctoral degree in 1999 from the California Institute of Technology working with John Hopfield. He did a postdoc with Geoff Hinton and Zoubin Ghahramani at the Gatsby Unit in London. He then was at the University of Toronto from 2001-2009 as an assistant and later associate professor. He was a visiting faculty member at MIT in 2005. He has also worked at several industrial research labs including Google, Bell Labs, Whizbang! Labs and Microsoft. He has won several awards and was the holder of a Canada Research Chair in Statistical Machine Learning, a Sloan Research Fellowship, a Premier's Research Excellence Award, and is still a Scholar of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.

Academic History

New York University (currently)

University of Toronto (2001-2009)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (on leave from Toronto Jan-Sept. 2005)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (before Toronto)

Gatsby Unit (before MIT)

Caltech (before Gatsby)

Princeton (while at Caltech)

  • Princeton at Caltech? Yes.
    John Hopfield moved from Caltech to Princeton in 1997.
    I joined him there for the last 18 months of my PhD,
    finishing up some research, setting up the lab, and writing.

University of Toronto, Engineering Science (before Caltech)

University of Toronto Schools (before UofT)

  • Before I went to UofT as an undergrad, I went to a (fantastic) high school called UTS, also in Toronto.

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