Tutorials/Short Courses

  • Probabilistic Graphical Models (Machine Learning Summer School 2005)

    A week long short course I gave at the 2005 Machine Learning Summer School in Canberra (MLSS05). Click here to read the course abstract.

    slides: available from the mlss website here or
    locally here: [version of jan.05-->pdf(990K)]

  • Hidden Markov Models (SCIA Tutorial 2003)

    A tutorial on Hidden Markov Models I gave in Sweden at the 2003 Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis

    slides: [version of june.03--> ps.gz(220K) pdf(294K)]

  • Probabilistic Models for Unsupervised Learning (NIPS Tutorial 1999)

    Zoubin Ghahramani and myself gave a tutorial on Probabilistic Models for Unsupervised Learning at NIPS12 in Denver, December 1999.

    slides: [version of oct.99--> ps.gz(1052K) pdf(1324K)]

  • HMMs and LDSs (Gatsby Unit Neural Computation Tutorial)

    I was one of the lecturers at the Gatsby Unit's Neural computation tutorial, 31 August--3 September 1999
    My lectures covered the topics of Hidden Markov Models and Linear Dynamical Systems.

    slides: [version of aug.99-->ps.gz(257K) 4 per page]

  • Support Vector Machines and VC theory (Caltech/JPL)

    A review talk I gave on SVMs in Yaser Abu-Mostafa's group at Caltech.

    slides: [version of feb.96-->ps.gz(82K)]

    Another talk I gave on this topic at the Jet Propulsion Labs.

    slides: [version of march 96-->ps.gz(88K)]

  • Hidden Markov models (UCLA)

    A tutorial I gave in Abeer Alwan's group at UCLA.
    Now probably supplanted by the notes from the SCIA tutorial above.

    slides: [version of jun.97-->ps.gz(84K)]

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