Other Research Topics of Interest

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Multiple Robots (multiSLAM)
    See this book chapter Russ and I wrote on this topic.
  • Optical Character Recognition and Document Segmentation
    See this paper with my students Scott and Kevin on page segmentation for scanned research papers.
  • Information Retrieval, Text and Web Learning.
    I indulged these interests when I was at Whizbang (now Inxight), and continue to indulge them a a bit working with with Andrew McCallum at UMass, and talking with folks at Google and Overture.
  • Dyadic and Relational Data
    Ben Marlin, Craig Boutilier and Rich Zemel here in our group are interested in this kind of data also, for collaborative filtering.
  • Blind source separation, ICA.
    KICA: Want to do ICA in two lines of matlab?
  • Amplitude (implicit) sampling, Logan's theorem, signal reconstruction from level crossings.
    Here's a draft (ps, pdf) of a paper Sanjoy Mahajan, John Hopfield and I started on an SVD based algorithm for practically realizing Logan's theorem, but we never finished it.
  • Handwriting and gesture analysis.
  • Control theory.
  • Data compression, error correcting codes.

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