Pointers to some code which students have made available for some projects. No guarantee or support of any kind of course...

Learning Algorithms

  • Continuous Profile Model for Time Series Alignment
    Jennifer Listgarten has posted some code for the CPM model here.

  • Modeling Human Motion Using Binary Latent Variables
    Graham Taylor has posted some code and data for the our mocap model here.

  • Kurtotic ICA
    A two line version of ICA!.
    [version of dec.01-->kica page]

  • Hidden Markov Models
    Trivial MATLAB code for HMMs with both discrete and continuous observations, including scaling tricks and support for multiple sequences.
    [version of aug.99-->tar.gz(13K)]

  • EM algorithms for PCA/SPCA
    Here is the MATLAB code to implement this algorithm.
    [version of june 98 (code only)--> tar.gz(2K)]
    [version of june 98 (code and toy data)--> tar.gz(158K)]

  • Linear Dynamical Systems
    Maybe eventually I'll post MATLAB code for LDSs (Kalman filter models) including the EM algorithm for parameter training. But for now, see Zoubin's code linked below.
    [version of aug.99-->tar.gz(??K)]

Byte Boundaries on Suns/x86

  • Chris Harvey wrote this small piece of C code to check if your architecture will allow you to write a double that isn't exactly aligned with a even byte boundary. Suns won't let you do this, x86 linux will.

Data Collection/Analysis

  • Extracting Data from CVS Repositories in SQL
    Python code written by our summer research assistant, Keir Mierle to process CVS repositories (both the RCS files and the master CVS history log) and load the transaction information into a SQL database.

  • Wisconsin X-ray Microbeam Data Analysis
    Hopefully I can find the time to clean up and post MATLAB code for reading/writing and analysis of the Wisconsin x-ray microbeam speech database (UBDB). This database contains simultaneous speech and articulator movement information.
    See my UBDB page for more info.

  • Crosspad
    MATLAB code for dowloading and parsing the data output by the Crosspad digital writer product from Cross/IBM.
    See my Crosspad page for more info.

External Code Links

  • Kevin Murphy (General Bayes Nets)
    Both HMMs and LDSs are examples of directed acyclic graphical models (in fact they have the same graphical model, just discrete state nodes for HMMs and continuous state for LDSs). Kevin Murphy's excellent code packages do learning and inference for almost any directed graphical model with mixed continuous and discrete nodes. (This means his code basically does all that my code does and more.)
    In fact, you should check out all of Kevin's page because he does interesting and very good work.

  • Carl Rasmussen (conjugate gradient and kernel density)
    Carl Rasmussen (now at Max Planck Tuebingen) has a small page which includes code for conjugate gradient and kernel density estimation.

  • Zoubin Ghahramani (HMM,LDS&others)
    Zoubin also has a nice software page which includes code packages to do learning and inference in Hidden Markov Models, Linear Dynamical Systems and other more sophisticated models.

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