Independent Study/Advanced Lab

Students may arrange to work on independent study projects under the direction of a regular full-time department faculty member.

Master's Students

Master.s students register for the course CSCI-GA 3813-003, Advanced Lab, generally for three points per project, replacing one standard course from the department's curriculum.

A student wishing to do an independent study project should contact the individual full-time faculty member whose research he or she finds interesting, and propose a project for that faculty member's supervision. If the faculty member approves, the student should then complete a Master's Independent Study Authorization Form. Once the form is completed and the faculty member has signed off on the form, the form should be submitted to the student.s advisor, either Jennifer Conlan Darlington, located in CIWW 324, or Katie Laugel, located in CIWW 326. The request will then go to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). If approved, the student will receive an email providing a permission number to allow the student to register on Albert.

Please note that students are not able to do an independent study with an adjunct professor. The department will consider requests to do an independent study with a full-time faculty member from another NYU department.

Occasionally, an individual faculty member will post information about a research project for which he or she is seeking student participation. Such information will be posted on this site and likely emailed to the graduate student body as well.

To see how independent study fits into the MSCS degree requirements, please refer to the
MSCS Degree Requirerments Form

MS in Information Systems students may take no more than a total of six points of independent study and internship combined.

PhD Students

PhD students should register for CSCI-GA 3813-005 for between one and nine points, as determined by the supervisor of the project. Only when the student is engaging in a second project within the same semester, usually with a second faculty member, should he or she register for a second section of independent study.

There is no specific limit on the number of independent study research points taken by PhD students each term. However, PhD students are expected to keep their 72 point academic career threshold (all semesters combined) in mind, as well as consult with their academic advisors prior to registering each term.

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