Undergraduate CS Program Overview

The Department of Computer Science is a part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, a world renowned center for the study of mathematics and computing. As part of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at NYU, the department offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, two minors (one in computer science, and one in web programming and applications) and a joint minor in computer science/mathematics. The BA degree can also be pursued with honors. Students may combine our degree with others throughout the College to create a personalized joint major. Two specific combined degrees are the joint major in computer science/economics and the joint major in computer science/mathematics. The Department of Computer Science also offers a BS/BE Dual Degree in computer science and engineering and an accelerated master's program available to qualifying undergraduates. Some of our graduating students go on to graduate study (MS or PhD) in computer science at New York University or elsewhere, while others find many career opportunities in industry upon graduation.

The minor in computer science is designed primarily for mathematics and science majors whose work will require basic programming skills. The minor in web programming and applications is designed for humanities and social sciences students who plan to use computer application software such as spreadsheets, desktop publishing, multimedia, and Internet software extensively in their careers. More on our minor programs.

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