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  • Samuel Bowman

    Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Data Science and Computer Science

    Ph.D., Linguistics, Stanford University, USA, 2016

    Email: bowman at nyu dot edu

  • Xi Chen

    Assistant Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, Stern School of Business

    Email: xichen at nyu.edu
    Office: KMEC 8-50

  • Joshua Epstein

    Professor of Epidemiology, NYU College of Global Public Health; Director, NYU Agent-Based Modeling Lab

    Ph.D., Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

    Email: je65 at nyu.edu
    Office: 715BWY 1005
    Ext: 2-3702

  • Chen Feng

    Assistant Professor, Civil and Urban Engineering and Computer Science

    Ph.D., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2015

    Email: cfeng at nyu.edu
    Office: 6MTC RH447
    Robotics, computer vision, machine learning, and their engineering applications.

  • Juliana Freire

    Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, NYU Tandon

    Email: juliana.freire at nyu.edu
    Ext: 8-3073

  • Krzysztof J. Geras

    Assistant Professor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

    Email: k.j.geras at nyu.edu

  • Guido Gerig

    Institute Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

    Email: gerig at nyu.edu
    Ext: 6469973975

  • Leslie Greengard

    Silver Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Email: greengard at cims.nyu.edu
    Office: WWH 1117
    Ext: 8-3306

  • Nizar Habash

    Associate Professor of Computer Science

    Email: nizar.habash at nyu.edu

  • Yanjun Han

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science

    Note: (starting Fall 2023)

  • Panagiotis Ipeirotis

    Email: panos at stern.nyu.edu
    Office: KMEC 8-84
    Ext: 8-0803

  • Natalie Jeremijenko

    Email: nj6 at nyu.edu
    Office: BARN 402C
    Ext: 8-5110

  • Brenden Lake

    Assistant Professor of Psychology and Data Science

    Email: brenden at nyu.edu
    Office: 60 Fifth Ave 610
    Ext: 8-3059

  • Qi Lei

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science

    Email: ql518 at nyu.edu

  • Panayotis Mavromatis

    Email: panos.mavromatis at nyu.edu
    Office: EDUC 627
    Ext: 8-5287

  • Nasir Memon

    Email: memon at nyu.edu

  • Jean Ponce

    Global Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Data Science

    Ph.D., Computer Science, Paris-Sud University, France, 1983

    Email: jean.ponce at ens.fr

  • Foster Provost

    Email: fprovost at stern.nyu.edu
    Office: KMEC 8-86
    Ext: 8-0806

  • Brandon Reagen

    Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Email: bjr5 at nyu.edu

  • Keith Ross

    Email: ross at nyu.edu

  • Tamar Schlick

    Email: schlick at cims.nyu.edu
    Office: Silv 1021
    Ext: 8-3116

  • Claudio Silva

    Email: csilva at nyu.edu
    Office: 60 Fifth Ave 604

  • Georg Stadler

    Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

    Email: stadler at cims.nyu.edu
    Office: WWH 1111

  • Alexander Tuzhilin

    Email: atuzhili at stern.nyu.edu
    Office: KMEC 8-92
    Ext: 8-0832

  • Jiawei Zhang

    Email: jzhang at stern.nyu.edu
    Office: KMEC 8-66
    Ext: 8-0811

  • Zheng Zhang

    Email: zz at nyu.edu