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  • Richard Bonneau

    Professor of Biology and Computer Science

    Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Washington, USA, 2001

    Email: rb133 at nyu.edu
    Office: 12WV 402
    Ext: 2-9516
    Algorithms for learning regulatory networks/biological control, computational structural biology, and systems-biology.

  • Bhubaneswar Mishra

    Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Cell Biology

    Ph.D., Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, 1985

    Email: mishra at cs.nyu.edu
    Office: WWH 405
    Ext: 8-3464
    Bioinformatics, algorithmic algebra, robotics, computational biology, and computational finance.

  • Oded Regev

    Professor of Computer Science

    Ph.D., Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 2001

    Email: regev at cs.nyu.edu
    Office: WWH 303
    Ext: 8-3771
    Lattice-based cryptography, quantum computation, and mathematical aspects of theoretical computer science.

  • Tamar Schlick

    Email: schlick at cims.nyu.edu
    Office: Silv 1021
    Ext: 8-3116

  • Dennis Shasha

    Silver Professor of Computer Science

    Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, USA, 1984

    Email: shasha at cs.nyu.edu
    Office: 60 Fifth Ave 414
    Ext: 8-3086
    Network inference and protein design for biology, software for searching databases of trees and graphs, outsourcing data while preserving privacy, finding patterns in time series, DNA computing, and puzzles.