Stern Registration Procedures for MSIS Students

The Stern course schedule, course descriptions and course syllabi can 
be found at the following website, course descriptions available via drop-down menu at

When looking at courses, be sure to check the course prerequisites to
ensure that you are qualified to take the course.

Stern students are given priority when registering for Stern courses.
While Stern registration officially begins on a set date, it is only for
Stern students. Non-Stern students are able to register for courses
later in the registration process. MSIS students are given priority over
other non-Stern students and are able to register earlier. For
important Stern dates, go to:

To register for a Stern course, you must use your Stern account. All MSIS
students receive a Stern account. When possible, accounts are set up
prior to students' arrival on campus. Students must activate their Stern
account before they register. To activate your Stern account, go to:

(*To activate your account, you will be asked for your Stern NetID. Please
note that your Stern NetID is the same as your NYU NetID.)

If you have problems activating your Stern account, contact the Stern IT
Help Desk at or at (212) 998-0180.

Once you have activated your Stern account, you can web register by
logging on to:

You will be asked to enter your User ID and password. Once you do that,
you will be brought to the Stern Grad Student Web Information System

Click on "Next" to start selecting classes. Follow the directions on each screen.

After you make your class selections, you will get a confirmation screen. Do
not exit until you see that screen.

Once done, click on "Exit Session".

Next, click Back to .Menuon

Then, click on "Logout". You must log out of the system.

After you have registered in the Stern system, Stern will e-mail you a permission
number within 5 business days. You will need to use this number to register on Albert.
You should register the course on Albert within two business days of receiving the
permission number. To keep your spot in the course, you must register both in the
Stern system and then in Albert.

Stern's policy is that non-Stern students can take up to six Stern credits per
semester. MSIS students can request permission to take nine credit hours. To
make such a request, e-mail Katie Laugel at Include your NYU
ID number and the semester you wish to be allowed to take nine credits. Katie will
contact Stern with the request and will respond once she hears back from Stern.
Please note that Stern will only allow students permission to take nine Stern credits
in a semester in very rare situations. Be sure to review your MSIS degree
requirements before registering for courses to ensure that you are completing all the
course requirements of your degree program.

To review the MSIS requirements, visit the following link:

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