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Deena Engel
Clinical Professor
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Computer Science Minors programs
Department of Computer Science
New York University
251 Mercer Street, Room 422
New York, New York 10012
Tel. 212-998-3131
Fax 212-995-4124

Resources in the Digital Humanities

The following pages are available to all students, scholars, and teachers in the Digital Humanities. Please feel free to send along suggestions.

These pages have been used for teaching CSCI-UA.380-1 Computing in the Humanities and the Arts (Department of Computer Science, New York University), ENGL-GA.2957-001 Literary Archives and Web Development (Department of English, New York University, Fall, 2011) and ENGL-GA.2971 Practicum in Digital Humanities (Fall, 2013) as well as for special research projects. These pages are a work in progress as resources are added, removed and/or annotated on an on-going basis.

Topics in the field of Humanities & Arts Computing include but are not limited to: digitization of text and image; hypertext design and delivery; working with multi-lingual texts and topics in machine translation; electronic encoding, publishing and dissemination; OCR; and designing databases of images, documents, and text. Topics include the impact of technology on research in the Humanities and the Arts, changes in pedagogy as well as new considerations and methodologies in the delivery of content as seen through current technology in libraries and museums.