Technology Resources

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Introductions and General Sites

Miriam Posner's "How Did they Make that?"

Programming Languages and Mark-Up Languages - Guides for Humanists

jQuery Geo

TEI / XML - A Gentle Introduction to XML-

The Programming Historian 2 (uses Python and other technologies) -

XML / TEI Editors

Eclipse -

Oxygen - "The Complete XML Editing and Authoring System" - (Note: A single academic license costs $64)

TEIEmacs - see ... Windows or Linux only (see to download)

Concordance Software and resources for textual analysis

Data Cleaning software for historians



textal - Text Analysis App -

Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature by Matthew Jockers

Text Analysis software Diction 6.0

University of Newcastle (Australia) Intelligent Archive (for textual analysis)

Python's NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)



Versioning Machine 4.0



Working with images

ImageMagick -

TILE - Text Image and Linking Environment -

Music Notation software for composers and arrangers

Noteflight -

VexFlow (Music Engraving in JavaScript and HTML5)