Conservation of Digital Born Art

Resources in NYC for Research on Contemporary Art

New York Art Resources Consortium:

Museum of Modern Art: ... MoMA library

NYU - Specialist Librarian - Fine Arts: Tom McNulty (Bobst) - 212-998-2519

Digital Born Art - Exhibitions, News items, and Collections for class discussion

Andy Warhol's lost works - and

Electronic Arts Intermix -

Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of the Computer Print (Published in conjuction with an exhibition curated by Paul Hertz and Debora Wood at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, 01/18/2008 - 04/06/2008 (

The Museum of Modern Art -

2008 Exhibit Design and the Elastic Mind -


The Whitney Museum in New York City - ... Artport

Information, Communities and Resources on the conservation and documentation of computer-based art

American Institute of Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works: Electronic Media Group Wiki

Database of Virtual Art

Dekker, Annette Speculative Scenarios (a book on digital born art)

EAI Online Resource Guide

Electronic Media Group

Getty link on conservation:

Harvard University Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies

International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA) -

Media Art and Museums: Guidelines and Case Studies

Netherlands Media Art Institute (article on documentation) -

Inside Installation Notes:

Rhizome: and Digital Preservation Practices and the Rhizome Artbase

Seeing Double: Emulation Theory and Practice; Exhibit -

Tate Modern (London) - Matters in Media Art -

Specific works of art for class discussions:

Martin Wattenberg - Thinking Machine (Processing)

Cabspotting - and Fly Cab by Tomas Apodaca (Processing; data visualization)

Shadow Monsters by Phil Worthington on YouTube (be sure to turn up the volume for this one!) (Processing; multi-media effects)

33 Questions Per Miunte - by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (programmed in Delphi which is a derivative of Pascal); text art

I Want You To Want Me - by Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris (a complex work of database art using Java, C++/OpenGL, multi-media, MySQL and custom hardware)

Agent Ruby at SF MoMA by Lynn Hershman Leeson at SF MoMA ("Agent Ruby")

Intersections by John F. Simon

Works by Siebren Veerstieg

Programming Tools for Comparison and Discussion

Processing - from MIT Media Lab (See OpenProcessing for examples with source code)

Processing.js - using Javascript and Sketchpad for working on the web

Max from cycling 74

Gimp (which supports scripting as well as drawing tools)