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Department Resolutions and Other Statements

Department Resolutions

  1. Anthropology: Unanimous.
  2. Applied Psychology (Steinhardt) Unanimous.
  3. Art and Art Professions (Steinhardt) 12-2
  4. Art History: Unanimous (16-0)
  5. Chemistry: 19-2.
  6. Classics: 10 to 2, 2 abstentions.
  7. Cinema Studies (Tisch) 13-0.
  8. Comparative Literature: Unanimous.
  9. Drama Dept, Tisch School of the Arts, 23 to 2 with 1 abstention.
  10. East Asian Studies: 15 to 1.
  11. Economics: 29 in favor, no opposed, one abstention.
  12. English: 22 to 1, 1 abstention
  13. French: Unanimous (14 to 0).
  14. Gallatin School of Individualized Study: 30 to 0, 2 abstentions.
  15. German Unanimous (5 to 0).
  16. History Unanimous (26 to 0).
  17. Humanities and Social Sciences in the Professions (Steinhardt) 18 to 1, 1 abstention.
  18. Italian Studies, 6 to 1, 1 abstention.
  19. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Unanimous (8 to 0).
  20. Linguistics: 13 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstain.
  21. Mathematics: Unanimous (36 to 0).
  22. Media Culture and Communication (Steinhardt): 21 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstention.
  23. Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies: Unanimous (15 in favor, no opposed, 5 not voting, no formal abstentions).
  24. Museum Studies: Unanimous.
  25. Music: Unanimous.
  26. Center for Neural Science: 16 to 1, 2 abstentions, 2 not voting.
  27. Performance Studies: Unanimous
  28. Politics: 27 to 2.
  29. Psychology: 32 to 0, one abstention.
  30. Religious Studies: Unanimous
  31. Russian and Slavic Studies: 10 in favor, one abstention.
  32. Silver School of Social Work, 23-3.
  33. Social and Cultural Analysis: 17 in favor, two abstentions.
  34. Sociology: 22 to 1.
  35. Spanish and Portugese Unanimous, except 1 no vote because the resolution was too weak.
  36. Stern School of Business: 52 to 3.
  37. Steinhardt Dept. of Administration, Leadership, and Technology 9-4 with one abstention.
  38. Teaching and Learning (Steinhardt). 23 to 0.
  39. Undergraduate Film and Television (Tisch). 45 to 0.

Statement from the Faculty of the Division of Libraries

Resolution by the Faculty of NYU London

NYU Faculty's Alternative Plan For Space (the Green Plan)

Opposition Groups and Documents

Vote of No Confidence

Six groups have passed votes of no confidence in President Sexton: (in all the following "Yes" means a vote against the president and "No" means a vote in favor of the president.) A vote of no confidence failed at the Silver School of Social Work. Yes (against Sexton): 12. No: 20. 5/27/2013.

Departmental Resolutions on the Vote of No Confidence

Salary Reductions for Tenured NYU Faculty

Slave Labor at the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus

Prof. Andrew Ross barred from visiting NYU Abu Dhabi

Prof. Andrew Ross targeted by private investigator

NYU Blackballs Student Protesters for Handing Out Flyers

Statement of no confidence in Harold Koh

The art of the gouge: How NYU squeezes billions from our students --- and where that money goes

May 13, 2015

Branding and NYU

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