The Department of Drama at the Tisch School of the Arts passed the following resolution with 23 in favor, 2 opposed, and 1 abstention:

The faculty of the Department of Drama wishes to share its concerns about the proposed 2031 development plan. We acknowledge that certain departments, especially our own, are in desperate need of space. Nonetheless we are concerned about the scope and size of the project and its implications for the quality of the educational experience that we already struggle to maintain with declining resources. Additionally, we are concerned that the expense of this plan will affect the future cost of tuition, that this debt will further strain the amount NYU spends per student, the quality and quantity of faculty and student research support, the hiring of new faculty and program development, and school and department budgets in general. We request consultation with our faculty and students as well as transparency regarding the project's debt service in relation to these concerns. We also request that the expertise of our faculty and staff, as well as the particular needs of our department be taken into account as plans for a performing arts facility are developed. Finally, we are concerned about the impact on resident faculty and additional members of the Greenwich Village community during the building phase of this project.