The faculty of the Department of Psychology wishes to register its opposition to the proposed NYU 2031 development plan, including the modified version endorsed by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Although we recognize that the University requires additional space for academic use, we have several grave concerns about the current plans. We regret the lack of adequate consultation with the faculty and the absence of specific financial information about the implications of the plan. In particular, we are concerned that NYU students.already among the most indebted in the nation.will bear much of the financial cost in terms of increased tuition and other fees.

We also worry that such a massive and prolonged construction project will seriously damage the quality of living and work environments of faculty and students for many years and that it will impede NYU's ability to recruit and retain exceptional faculty members. Finally, we are concerned that the execution of the 2031 plan will result in an irreparable rift with our community neighbors by failing to respect their right to help shape the future of Greenwich Village.

For these reasons, we ask the administration to work with faculty, student, and community groups to develop a more modest, affordable, and less disruptive plan for addressing NYU.s legitimate space needs.