UCATS: Union of Clerical, Administrative, and Technical Staff at NYU, Local 3882, NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO


WHEREAS, NYU has not behaved as a good neighbor in the Greenwich Village community as they have broken promises on past construction projects;

WHEREAS, NYU has not behaved as a good corporate citizen in New York City as they have eliminated hundreds of jobs when the city and country are in severe economic distress and unemployment is at record levels;

WHEREAS, the six billion dollar price tag of this monstrous project has already lead directly to wage and benefit stagnation for all NYU employees;

WHEREAS, the debt generated by this project will require NYU to admit students based more on their ability to pay ever increasing tuition and not on academic qualifications, potentially diminishing the University's academic reputation;

WHEREAS, by their own admission NYU has withdrawn $66 million per year in economic activity from our city;

WHEREAS, the buildings proposed for the Washington Square Village super blocks are architecturally out of context with the neighborhood;

WHEREAS, NYU has failed to make a credible case for the necessity of the buildings proposed for the Washington Square Village super blocks;

WHEREAS, NYU has numerous other options for expansion, such as into the Financial District and Downtown Brooklyn, where it would not only be unopposed but even welcomed;

WHEREAS, during the many public hearings held by Community Board 2, not a single person spoke in favor of NYU's 2031 plan,

WHEREAS, Community Board 2 has unanimously rejected NYU's 2031 plan;

RESOLVED, the Union of Clerical, Administrative and Technical Staff, representing 1,400 employees at NYU, stands with Community Board 2, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, and thousands of residents in unanimous opposition to NYU's proposed construction plans for the Washington Square Village super blocks.

UCATS Executive Council, June 12, 2012