Recommended Course Sequence for CS Majors

The computer science major usually requires a minimum of three years to complete and comprises 7 required courses and 5 elective courses for a total of 12 courses. A grade of C or better is required in each course and must be satisfied to go on to the next level of coursework.

If you are an advanced student who would like to explore research, it is recommended that you take as many CS classes as early as possible so that you can take advanced electives or graduate-level courses.

First Year Courses

Second Year Courses

Third Year Courses

  • Four 400-level computer science advanced topic courses. Students may substitute a 400-level elective with one of the following Math classes. A maximum of two classes can be substituted.
    • MATH-UA.0122 Calculus II
    • MATH-UA.0140 Linear Algebra
    • MATH-UA.0235 Probability and Statistics

If you intend to pursue graduate school after graduation, it is not enough to just take classes. You need to gain research experience. If you intend to go directly into the work force upon graduation, then you should consider the 400-level courses oriented towards advanced industrial technology, such as Applied Internet Technologies, Object Oriented Programming, Database Systems, Computer Graphics, Unix Tools, Introduction to Multimedia and Software Engineering.