Teaching Awards and Pedagogy

Teaching Awards

  • College of Arts & Sciences, New York University: Teaching with Technology Award with Prof. Craig Kapp, Spring 2016
  • Department of Computer Science, Courant Institute, New York University. Samuel L. Marateck Prize for Outstanding Teaching in Computer Science. Spring, 2014
  • College of Arts & Sciences, New York University: Golden Dozen Teaching Award, Spring, 2006
  • College of Arts & Sciences, New York University: Outstanding Teaching Award, Spring, 2001


  • Augst, Tom, and Deena Engel. Project-Based Learning for Graduate Students in Digital Humanities. Qeios, May 11, 2022. doi:10.32388/4W5TXN. (PDF)
  • Kapp, Craig, and Deena Engel. Teaching the Fundamentals of Computer Programming: A Flipped Classroom Approach.” 2017. (PDF)
  • Spring 2017 College News at NYU: Faculty Profile: Technology-Enhanced Teaching with Deena Engel and Craig Kapp. (PDF)
  • Engel, Deena. Innovations in Digital Humanities Pedagogy @ DH2017 - Montreal, Canada. Presentation on August 8, 2017: Bringing Computer Science Pedagogy to Digital Humanities Education (PDF)
  • Engel, Deena. Special Interest Group Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) 2013, Denver, Colorado, March 8, 2013. Embracing the Digital Humanities: A Course on Computing in the Humanities for Undergraduate Computer Science Minor Students Poster Session. (PDF) (Description)
  • Engel, Deena and Janet Bunde. Digital Humanities Conference, London, July, 2010. Poster Session: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Web Programming: A Collaboration Between the University Archives and the Department of Computer Science by Janet Marie Bunde and Deena Engel
    (Interview) (PDF) Poster (PDF) (Audio)