Marsha Berger 

Professor (Emeritus)
Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
Warren Weaver Hall, Room 1109


(212) 998-3305 (voice)
(212) 995-4121 (fax)


berger at cims.nyu.edu equivalently berger at cs.nyu.edu

Mail Address

Courant Institute
New York University
251 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012

New Location

Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation
Center for Computational Mathematics

Research Interests

My major areas of research are in computational fluid dynamics, adaptive methods for the numerical solution of pdes in complex geometries, and large-scale parallel computing.

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 Selected Teaching Links

    Intro. to Computer Science (CSCI-UA-0101-007, spring 2018)
    High Performance Scientific Computing (G22.2945/G63.2011, fall 2012)
    High Performance Scientific Computing (G22.2945/G63.2011, fall 2010)
    High Performance Scientific Computing (G22.2945/G63.2011, fall 2008)    
    Scientific Computing (G22.2112/G63.2043, fall 2006)
    Numerical Computing (V22.0421, spring 2006)

    For all other courses see Computer Science Dept. Course Archives.


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Selected Publications (for Cart3D and AIAA publications see Cart3D website publications)

 Air-burst Generated Tsunamis   with J. Goodman. Pure Appl.Geophys. 175(4), (2018)

 An ODE-based Wall Model for Turbulent Flow Simulations  
with M. Aftosmis.  AIAA paper 2017-0528, Grapevine, TX., Jan. 2017.

 Two-Dimensional Slope Limiters for Finite Volume Schemes on Non-Coordinate-Aligned Meshes  
with S. May. SISC 35(5), 2013.

 Progress Towards a Cartesian Cut-Cell Method for Viscous Compressible Flow  
with M. Aftosmis, and Appendix by S.R. Allmaras.  AIAA paper 2012-1301, Nashville, TN., Jan. 2012.

 A Simplified H-Box Method for Embedded Boundary Grids 
with C. Helzel.  SISC 34(2), 2012.

 preprint: arXiv:1008.0455v1 [physics.geo-ph] The GeoClaw Software for Depth-Averaged Flows with Adaptive Refinement 
with D.L. George,R.J.LeVeque, and K.T. Mandli.   Advances in Water Resources 34, 2011.

 Analysis of Slope Limiters on Irregular Grids  
with M. Aftosis and S. Murman.  AIAA paper 2005-0490, Reno, NV., Jan. 2005.

 A High-Resolution Rotated Grid Method for Conservation Laws with Embedded Geometries 
with C. Helzel and R. LeVeque.  SISC 26(3), 2005.

H-box Methods for the Approximation of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws on Irregular Grids 
with C. Helzel and R. LeVeque.  SINUM 41(3), 2003.

Flow Simulations on Cartesian Grid involving Complex Moving Geometries
with Hans Forrer. Proc. 7th Intl. Conf. on Hyperbolic Problems, Zurich, Switz., Feb., 1998. 

Accuracy, Adaptive Methods and Complex Geometry
Proc. 1st AFOSR Conference on Dynamic Motion CFD, Rutgers University, L. Sakell and D. Knight, editors, June, 1996.

An Accuracy Test of a Cartesian Grid Method for Steady Flow in Complex Geometries
RIACS Technial Report 95-02. Also, Proc. 5th Intl. Conf. on Hyperbolic Problems, Stonybrook, June, 1994.

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For CLAWPACK (an adaptive wave propagation software package) or for GeoClaw (its specialization to geophysical flows with bathymetry) see:      
For Cart3D software, contact Aerion/Desktop Aero or see licensing instructions at:
Mesh refinement software for 2-D and 3-D adaptive mesh refinement for hyperbolic conservation laws (no longer maintained):
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Other Activities

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