Adaptive Mesh Refinement Software

for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

AMR is a package of Fortran routines for the numerical solution of hyperbolic conservation laws in 2 and 3 space dimensions. Using an underlying coarse grid that covers a rectangular domain, an error estimation step is used to determine where more resolution is needed. Nested grids are superimposed on the coarse grid until the desired accuracy is reached. These refined grids may be recursively nested. The finer grids also have finer time steps, but the fluxes between the fine and coarse grids are manipulated so that conservation is enforced. The programs available here do not handle complex geometry with cut cells.

This software is freely available for research use, but copyright restrictions apply. If you have trouble downloading it, please send an email request to

See also AMRCLAW , the adaptive version of CLAWPACK , developed by Randy LeVeque.

For more details, see the references:

Local Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Shock Hydrodynamics
by Berger and Colella, JCP 82, May, 1989.

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