[FOM] More on Vopenka movie

Victor Marek marek at cs.uky.edu
Sun Mar 22 19:51:29 EDT 2015

The place where the movie about Petr Vopenka is:
That site has search window. One can put VOPENKA in the search window.
It is better to do such search, as the URL contains reference in Czech.

But a movie itself does not really provide the true context of dramatic life
of Vopenka, and in particular persecution of Vopenka for over 20 years
(1968-1989). Surprisingly for me, his collaborators (Petr Hajek, Tomas Jech,
Antonin Sochor) are not called by the director to give a testimonial. A pity,
for Petr Vopenka lived the life of truth and was willing to pay for it.

Victor Marek

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