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Noah David Schweber schweber at berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 23 04:32:46 EDT 2015

First Announcement

2nd Workshop on Vaught's Conjecture

June 1-5, 2015 at the University of California - Berkeley


Organized by:

 - Julia Knight (University of Notre Dame, Julia.F.Knight.1 at nd.edu
<knight.1 at nd.edu>)

 - Antonio Montalban (UC Berkeley, antonio at math.berkeley.edu)

 - Thomas Scanlon (UC Berkeley, scanlon at math.berkeley.edu)

 - Noah Schweber (UC Berkeley, schweber at math.berkeley.edu)


A workshop on the mathematics surrounding Vaught's Conjecture (on the
number of isomorphism types of countable models of a countable complete
theory elementary first order theory) will be held at the University of
California at Berkeley from June 1 to June 6, 2015. The first workshop on
Vaught's Conjecture was held at the University of Notre Dame, in May of
2005.  This workshop resulted in a number of new ideas and collaborations,
some of which were published in a special issue of the Notre Dame Journal
of Formal Logic. We hope that this second workshop will build on the
success of the first.

There will be tutorials by Uri Andrews, Su Gao, and Chris Laskowski; the
invited speakers currently include:

Nate Ackerman

John Baldwin

Howard Becker

Samuel Coskey

Cameron Freer

Sy Friedman

Robin Knight

Paul Larson

David Marker

Ludomir Newelski

Richard Rast

Gerald Sacks

Slawomir Solecki

Ioannis Souldatos
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