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Exercises and Open Problems in PS Format

Exercises and Open Problems in Tex Format

Zipped PS files for Dr. Pach's Presentations

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http://www.math-inf.uni-greifswald.de/~awolff/single.zip   (2 slides per page)


http://math.nyu.edu/~pach/double.zip   (for 1- and 2-page printing -A4)


Slides for Tuesday May 28th Presentations

Euclidean Ramsey Theory: Opening Lecture - Ron Graham

Lecture 1-Square One: Planar Graphs - Janos Pach

Linkless embeddings of graphs in 3-space - Robin Thomas

Lecture 2-Crossings:Few and Many - Janos Pach

Progress on the strong perfect graph conjecture - Robin Thomas


Slides for Wednesday May 29th presentations

Lecture 3-Finally! Geometric Graphs - Janos Pach

Lecture 4-Ordnung muss sein! - Janos Pach

Geometric Inclusion Orders and Ramsey Theory - Tom Trotter


Slides for Thursday May 30th presentations

Lecture 5-Beyond Planarity - Janos Pach

Geometry of Configuration of Points and Lines in the Plane - Branko Grunbaum

Lecture 6-Crossing and Bisection - Janos Pach


Slides for Friday May 31st presentations

Lecture 7-Back to Basics - Janos Pach

Lecture 8-Crossing Patterns - Janos Pach

Embedding Planar Graphs On Grid Surface - Stefan Felsner


Slides for Saturday June 1st  presentations

Lecture 9-What Is The Difficulty  - Janos Pach

Lecture 10-Topological Graphs and Hypergraphs - Janos Pach