Lakshminarayanan SubrAmanian
I am fortunate to work with several awesome students in the NeWS, CATER and CTED groups. These groups are partially overlapping. Here’s a pointer to the students in the individual research groups:
Awards and Honors of PhD and MS Students
1.   Jay Chen (graduated July 2011, joined NYU Abu Dhabi as Visiting Assistant Professor in Sept 2011)
2.    Nguyen Tran (Google PhD Fellowship) (co-advised with Jinyang Li)
3.   Ashlesh Sharma (Co-Founder, Entrupy Inc)
4.    Nektarios Paisios (Google Limewire Fellowship)
5.    Aditya Dhananjay (Harold Grad Memorial Prize (outstanding graduate student), SIGCOMM 2011 best demo) (co-advised with Jinyang Li)
6.    Michael Paik (ICTD 2009 Honorable mention, SOSP NSDR 2009 top papers)
7.    Matthew Tierney (NSF IGERT Fellowship) (co-advised with Jinyang Li)
8.   Wei Chih Lu (startup in Taiwan)
9.   Nahaneli Schelling, Meredith Hasson, Ariel Nevarez (Co-Founders, Simbalink LLC)
10. Brendan Linn (Mathew Smosna Prize for MS student academic achievement award)
Postdocs, PhD and MS Alumni
1. Jay Chen,PhD  (Visiting Assistant Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi)
Thesis: Rearchitecting Web and Mobile Information Access in Emerging Regions
2. Esther Ezra, postdoc (teaching faculty at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
3. Vincent Toubiana, postdoc (with Prof. Helen Nissenbaum), (now at Alcatel Lucent, France)
4. Wei-Chih Lu, MS NYU-Poly (startup in Taiwan)
5. Saurabh Kumar, MS (Microsoft)
6. Nathan Silberman, MS  (PhD student at NYU with Prof. Rob Fergus)
7. Trishank Karthik, MS (Rich Bonneau Lab -> Biodigital Solutions)
8. Brendan Linn, MS  (Lionside ->NGMoco)
9. Arvind Kumar, MS (VMWare)
10. Amey Purandare, MS (Bloomberg)
11. Faiz Kazi, MS (startup in Japan)
12. Rachid Ennaji , MS(Amazon)
13. Sindhura Chava, MS (Barclays Capital)
14.    Nahanaeli Schelling (NYU ITP) (Simbalink)
15. Meredith Hasson(NYU ITP) (Simbalink)
16. Ariel Nevarez (NYU ITP) (Simbalink)
I have also closely worked with the following PhD students at UC Berkeley and RPI:
1. Rabin Patra (advised by Prof. Eric Brewer, Co-Founder of Tarana Wireless Inc)
2. Sergiu Nedevschi (advised by Prof. Eric Brewer, Co-Founder of Tarana Wireless Inc)
3. Sonesh Surana (advised by Prof. Eric Brewer, co-founded startup -> Solar Semiconductor)
4. Matthew Caesar (advised by Prof. Randy Katz, assistant professor at UIUC)
5. Jayanth Kannan (advised by Prof. Ion Stoica, Google)
6. Yong Xia (advised by Prof. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, now at NEC Labs, China)