Lakshminarayanan SubrAmanian
Research Summary
My research interests are in the areas of networking and computing for development. My research is driven by a strong desire to bridge the digital divide and develop innovative computing solutions to address real-world societal challenges, especially those pertaining to enhancing global development.  My research philosophy places a strong emphasis on “end-to-end system design” where we design, implement, deploy and evaluate our solutions in the real-world and push successful ideas towards large-scale adoption and sustainable development.
I co-lead three research groups at NYU:
    (with Prof. Yaw Nyarko, NYU Economics)
CATER and CTED are multi-disciplinary research initiatives which focus on the development of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that can impact global economic development. These are both joint initiatives across Computer Science, Economics, School of Medicine, Global Health, Public Policy and NYU-Poly Technology Management.  CTED is based out of NYU Abu Dhabi. I am also affiliated with the Global Institute of Public Health (GIPH) and NYU WIRELESS.
I thoroughly enjoy constantly interacting with students and researchers across different disciplines to learn about real-world challenges and what role computing can play in solving them. In the past few years, our work has directly influenced several ground organizations in emerging regions across several application-level domains: information access, connectivity, healthcare, education, micro-finance and supply chain management.
Associate Professor
Addr: 715 Broadway, Room 706,
New York, NY 10003
Ph: 212 998 3485, Fax: 212-995-4123
Email: lakshmi,cs,nyu,edu
Curriculum Vitae (Aug 2011)