Lakshminarayanan SubrAmanian
Rural Wireless Networks
    •    WiLDNet: Wifi-based Long Distance Networks
    •    ROMA: High performance Multi-radio mesh networks
    •    WiRE: Wireless Rural Extensions (WiRE) is a solar powered wireless network architecture for rural telcos.
    •    SimbaLink: Decentralized solar power monitoring and management
Mobile Information Services for Emerging Regions
    •    UjU: A mobile application platform for SMS-based mobile applications.
    •    SmartTrack: A reliable, secure and distributed mobile information system.
    •    Hermes: Data over GSM voice codec
    •    SMSFind: An SMS-based web search engine.
    •    Atmosphere: An intermittent mobile rural ATM
Re-architecting the Web for Emerging Regions
    •    RuralCafe: Asynchronous, yet interactive, web browsing
    •    Contextual Information Portals:  Vertical slicing of the Web for offline information access
    •    Sub-packet regimes: Low bandwidth transport layer
    •    ELF: Event Logger for Firefox is an end-host optimization engine for Web access
Social and Societal Networks
    •    SumUp/Gatekeeper: Sybil-resilient Content voting and admission control
    •    Kaleidoscope: Censorship circumvention using social networks
    •    Credo: P2P Content rating system
    •    Road Traffic Networks: Congestion avoidance in road traffic networks
Trust and Identity Management 
    •    PaperSpeckle: Unique paper fingerprinting
    •    Epothecary: Mobile pedigree verification of supply chain distribution
    •    Signet: Auditable transactions using SIM cards
Data for Development
    •    Climatic Information Portals: Location-specific summarization of climatic and agricultural trends
Past Projects
    •    Decentralized Secure Routing Protocols (thesis work)
    •    Coordinated worm containment