Clinical Professor
Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
251 Mercer Street, Room 404
New York, New York 10012
Tel. 212-998-3131
Fax 212-995-4124
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  • Conservation of digital-born and software-based art
  • Collections Management Systems and database implementation and design in contemporary art
  • Digital Humanities: Inter-disciplinary studies in working with digital and computational art history; working with texts, textual analysis and literary studies
  • Computer Science Pedagogy for graduate and undergraduate Humanities and Social Science students; methodologies in teaching in Computer Science; enhancing education with technology.


Deena Engel is a Clinical Professor in the department of Computer Science of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. She is the recipient of four teaching awards at NYU: The Teach/Tech Award with Prof. Craig Kapp of The College of Arts and Science in May, 2016; the Courant Institute Samuel L. Marateck Prize for Outstanding Teaching in Computer Science in May, 2014; the College of Arts and Science Golden Dozen Teaching Award in May 2006; and a College of Arts and Science Outstanding Teacher Award in May 2001. She teaches undergraduate computer science courses on web and database technologies, as well as courses for undergraduate and graduate students in the Digital Humanities and the Arts. She also supervises undergraduate and graduate student research projects in the Digital Humanities and the Arts and collaborates on research on the conservation of software-based art and on digital studies in literature and the visual arts. Prior to entering academe, she ran a systems group in an international art auction house for nine years.

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Courses AY   2014-2015

Spring, 2015

Fall, 2014

Courses AY   2013-2014

Spring, 2014

  • CSCI-UA.60-1 Database Design and Web Implementation
  • CSCI-UA.61-1 Web Development and Programming
  • SCHOL-UA-10 Freshman Scholars Seminar

Fall, 2013

  • CSCI-UA.60-1 Database Design and Web Implementation
  • ENGL-GA.2971-1 Practicum in Digital Humanities
  • SCHOL-UA.3 Freshman Scholars Seminar

Courses AY   2012-2013

Spring, 2013

Fall, 2012

Teaching Awards:

  • Samuel L. Marateck Prize for Outstanding Teaching in Computer Science. Department of Computer Science, Courant Institute. Spring, 2014 (announcement)
  • College of Arts & Sciences, Golden Dozen Teaching Award, Spring, 2006
  • College of Arts & Sciences, Outstanding Teaching Award, Spring, 2001


Upcoming Talk: EMG (Electronic Media Group of the American Institute of conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) - Miami, FL May 2015 Computational Provenance and Computational Reproducibility: What Can We Learn About the Conservation of Software Art From Current Research in the Sciences? with Mark Hellar

EMG (Electronic Media Group of the American Institute of conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) - San Fransisco, CA 5/30/2014 Museum / University Collaborations in Media Conservation Research with Prof. Glenn Wharton (JPG)

National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. 01/17/2014 - Technology Experiments in Art: Conserving Software-Based Artworks The Value of Software Documentation in Conserving Software-Art: Case Studies at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City( (PDF)

EMG (Electronic Media Group of the American Institute of conservation of Historic and Artistic Works) - Indianapolis, IN 5/31/2013 Technical Documentation of Source Code at the Museum of Modern Art with Glenn Wharton, Time-Based Media Conservator, Museum of Modern Art - (PDF)

SIGCSE 2013, Denver, Colorado, 3/8/2013: Poster Session - (PDF)Embracing the Digital Humanities: A Course on Computing in the Humanities for Undergraduate Computer Science Minor Students (PDF)

Yale University Library's Standing Committee on Professional Awareness (SCOPA) and the Digital Humanities Working Group, 02/10/2012:Putting Primary Source Material Online: A Case Study from New York University (PDF) - Notes and Bibliography

NYU Workshop in Archival Practice, 10/14/2011: (PDF)

NYU, Center For Teaching Excellence: Workshop on the digital Humanities Why Digital Humanities? with Deena Engel, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Michael Stoller, and Diana Taylor New York University Thursday, February 17, 2011. Co-sponsored by the Humanities Initiative at NYU. (PDF)

Digital Humanities Conference, London - July, 2010; Poster Session: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach to Web Programming: A Collaboration Between the University Archives and the Department of Computer Science by Janet Marie Bunde and Deena Engel - (PDF) Poster (PDF) - Interview (Audio)

NYU, Center for Teaching Excellence: Technology and Education Conference - (PDF)
New York University, Friday, April 16, 2010 Computing in the Humanities


Upcoming Publication: Source Code Analysis as Technical Art HistoryJournal of the American Institute of Conservation (JAIC) by Deena Engel and Glenn Wharton, 2015

Upcoming Publication: Textual Artifacts and their Digital Representations: Teaching Graduate Students to Build An Online ArchiveDigital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) by Deena Engel and Marion Thain, 2015

Reading between the lines: Source code documentation as a conservation strategy for software-based artStudies in Conservation by Deena Engel and Glenn Wharton, 2014 (

Past or Portal? Enhancing Undergraduate Learning through Special Collections and ArchivesEdited by Eleanor Mitchell, Peggy Seiden, and Suzy Taraba. American Library Association, 2012. Co-author of Chapter 7 in "Pedagogy" - "New York University: Computing in the Humanities @ NYU Libraries" with Janet Bunde and Paula Feid. (

Computing in the Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Partnership in Undergraduate Education by Janet Bunde and Deena Engel: Journal of Archival Organization, 1533-2756, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2010, Pages 149 - 159

Additional / Other

Member of the Advisory Board: Academy for Software Engineering (a new New York City public high school) - 2011-2012. (PDF)

"The Graduate Student as Entrepreneur" by Sarah Ruth Jacobs: Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/29/2011: (PDF)

Teaching: Research Projects with Students

Project Title: Source Code Documentation for Computational Art at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
Supervisor: Professor Deena Engel, Courant Institute of Mathematics.
MoMA Liaison: Glenn Wharton, Media Conservator, Museum of Modern Art.

Students worked on a research project preparing documentation on a work of computational art in order to facilitate conservation decisions about this work in particular and to provide a model for this process for such works in general. The documentation included an overview of the technologies used, a flowchart of the work, identification and narrative descriptions of the functions and procedures and an overview to contextualize the work within the field of current computational art. CS Department Notice

Resource Pages: Digital Humanities