[SMT-COMP] StarExec questions

Delcypher delcypher at gmail.com
Tue May 30 07:04:02 EDT 2017


First rime StarExec user here. I have a few questions

# What distro is being used?

The VM provides at [1] looks like RHEL7 but the docs [2] says RHEL6 is
several places.

If it's still RHEL6 that's going to be a problem because my solver
uses C++11 and gcc 4.4 is simply too old.

# Where will my solver's `bin/` folder be placed during execution?

Currently my solver proto-type isn't portable (i.e. they can't be
moved into an arbitrary location on the file system). It depends on
various external executables that themselves are not portable.

This is something I intend to fix eventually but a quick fix is just
to know ahead of time where the solver (and its dependencies) will be
run from. Is that information available?

[1] https://www.starexec.org/vmimage/
[2] https://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/stardev/User+Guide#UserGuide-InstalledSoftwareandVirtualMachine


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