[SMT-COMP] [SMT-LIB] QF_BV and division by zero

Clark Barrett barrett at cs.stanford.edu
Thu May 4 22:36:17 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Changes have been made to the theory of bitvectors.  Specifically, bvudiv
now returns a vector of all 1's if the second operand is 0 and bvurem
returns its first operand if the second operand is 0 (note that this also
affects the operators defined in terms of these two).  This is detailed in
the online descriptions of the theory FixedSizeBitVectors and the logic
QF_BV, both available on the smtlib.org website.  Before the benchmark
release on June 1, all benchmarks will be checked and their statuses
updated if affected by these changes.


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