[SMT-COMP] StarExec questions

Tjark Weber tjark.weber at it.uu.se
Tue May 30 07:59:29 EDT 2017


On Tue, 2017-05-30 at 12:04 +0100, Delcypher wrote:
> First rime StarExec user here. I have a few questions
> # What distro is being used?
> The VM provides at [1] looks like RHEL7 but the docs [2] says RHEL6 is
> several places.

I believe the machine specifications at
http://smtcomp.sourceforge.net/2017/specs.shtml are correct. The
StarExec documentation likely just hasn't been updated yet.

> # Where will my solver's `bin/` folder be placed during execution?

Your solver will be copied to and run from a temporary folder. You
probably shouldn't rely on that folder's name or location.

If still in doubt, you could ask on the StarExec forums at

You can also obtain additional data about the StarExec environment by
uploading and running a modified version of your solver that queries
and outputs the information that you are interested in.

In any case, I would strongly encourage you to exercise your solver on
a few benchmarks on StarExec to ensure that it runs successfully.


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