[FOM] Second-order logic and neo-logicism

Panu Raatikainen panu.raatikainen at helsinki.fi
Sun Mar 22 03:15:36 EDT 2015

The following new paper might interest some here:

Panu Raatikainen: "Neo-logicism and its logic", History and Philosophy  
of Logic (forthcoming)


It has greatly benefited from certain old discussions here in FOM on  
the second-order logic; special thanks to Martin Davis!

All the Best


The rather unrestrained use of second-order logic in the neo-logicist  
program is critically examined. It is argued in some detail that it  
brings with it genuine set-theoretical existence assumptions, and that  
the mathematical power that Hume’s Principle seems to provide, in the  
derivation of Frege’s Theorem, comes largely from the “logic” assumed  
rather than from Hume’s principle. It is shown that Hume’s principle  
is in reality not stronger than the very weak Robinson Arithmetic Q.  
Consequently, only few rudimentary facts of arithmetic are logically  
derivable from Hume’s principle. And that hardly counts as a  
vindication of logicism.
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