[FOM] The liar "revenge"?

Alexander M Lemberg sandylemberg at juno.com
Mon Jul 20 22:40:38 EDT 2015

Weaver is not asking for agreement that the sentence is false --- only
for agreement that it is not true. For example, if it is not meaningful,
then it cannot be true. Not being true does not entail being meaningful
--- indeed could be a consequence of being meaningless.

I don't see this as exactly a category mistake, but Avron's 6 questions
capture the spirit of Weaver's question.


On Mon, 20 Jul 2015 23:13:31 +0300 aa at tau.ac.il (Arnon Avron) writes:
> On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 05:07:10PM -0500, Nik Weaver wrote:
> > So you would agree that the liar sentence is not true?
> My immediate answer is: No, I do not agree, because a bunch of words
> should be a meaningful sentence before it deserves the honor of 
> asking whether it is true or not. 
> However, you might have intended to use the above words in order to 
> ask
> a question which is different from that which I have just answered.
> (Thus intuitionists use the word "not", but the meaning they attach
> to it - whatever it is -  is *not* the meaning that ordinary people 
> attach to it.) 
> So in order to find out what is the real intended meaning of your 
> question, and 
> then answer it accordingly, please tell me your answers to the 
> following questions:
> 1) Would you agree that Eiffel tower is not true?
> 2) Would you agree that the number 7 is not yellow?
> 3) Would you agree that the liar sentence is not yellow?
> 4) Would you agree that "This sentence is true" is not true?
> 5) Would you agree that 1/0  is not less
>    than 7, and also not greater than 7?
> 6) Would you agree that the liar sentence is not less 
>    than 7, and also not greater than 7?
> Arnon
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