[FOM] The liar "revenge"?

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Tue Jul 21 00:34:21 EDT 2015

Arnon Avron writes:

eedless to say, for me
the "liar sentences" of all types
are indeed completely  meaningless, which is
why I was never bothered
by them (in contrast to the so-called logical

There are formal theories of the Liar paradox.
R.\ Smullyan, ``Languages in which self-reference is possible'',
 J.\ Symb.\ Logic 22 (1957) 55--67.
is one such.  I don't remember the details.  I have a UCI Tech report on some
such languages; I can post it on my web site if anyone is interested.

Clearly, if a proposiional language has a truth modality and a
self-reference mechanism, "this statement is false" is neither truenn nor
false.  It can be assigned a meaning in a suitable 3-valued logic.

- Martin Dowd

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