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Dear FOMs:

About the history of logic: There came out in 2009 the fifth volume of  
the "Handbook of
the History of Logic," edited by Dov Gabbay and John Woods, and  
dedicated to "Logic From
Russell To Church." In its over  thousand pages, there are seventeen  
in-depth articles
about the main actors of the period.

Another book of the same year is "The Development of Modern Logic,"  
(ed Haaparanta,
Oxford U.P.). Inside its almost thousand pages there is a little  
independent book, "The
Development of Mathematical Logic from Russell to Tarski, 1900-1935."  
This 150-page piece
was written by Paolo Mancosu, Richard Zach, and Calixto Badesa. It  
promises to give "nine
itineraries in the history of mathematical logic;" one can choose  
materials from these
for a course and thereby give an emphasis one wants to, say set  
theory, axiomatic
developments, intuitionism, etc. (The authors may have dropped one  
itinerary, there are
eight as it stands.)

Oxford would do well to publish this contribution as a separate  
paperback for course use,
thank you in advance, and thanks for the authors and editor!

Jan von Plato

Quoting "Staffan Angere" <Staffan.Angere at fil.lu.se>:

> Dear FOMers,
> I'm planning to give a small course in the history of logic, with  
> special focus on the 20th century. While I am planning to photocopy  
> a selection of papers and hand out, it would be really useful to  
> have a textbook as well. However, there seems to be very few modern  
> textbooks in the history of logic. Kneale & Kneale, for instance,  
> write fairly little on 20th century logic, and the other books I  
> have found do it even less.
> So, does anyone here have any tips? Or, if not a book, at least some  
> lengthier expositions in article form?
> Thanks in advance,
> Staffan Angere
> University of Lund
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