[FOM] Book on the history of logic?

Chris Gray cpgray at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 15 12:00:31 EST 2011

On 2011-02-14 5:47 PM, Staffan Angere wrote:
> Dear FOMers,
> I'm planning to give a small course in the history of logic, with specialfocus on the 20th century. While I am planning to photocopy a selection ofpapers and hand out, it would be really useful to have a textbook as well.However, there seems to be very few modern textbooks in the history of logic. Kneale&  Kneale, for instance, write fairly little on 20th century logic, and the other books I have found do it even less.
> So, does anyone here have any tips? Or, if not a book, at least some lengthier expositions in article form?
Dover has reprinted Kneebone's "Mathematical Logic and the Foundations 
of Mathematics: An Introductory Survey" 
which takes an historical approach to the material.  Another one I like 
(also available in a Dover paperback) is Eves's "Foundations and 
Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics" 

I'm assuming by 20th century logic you mean up to and including Gödel 
and Cohen.  After that I don't know of any good historical treatments.

Chris Gray
University of Waterloo Library

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