[FOM] Book on the history of logic?

Sara L. Uckelman S.L.Uckelman at uva.nl
Tue Feb 15 05:44:10 EST 2011

Staffan Angere wrote:
> So, does anyone here have any tips? Or, if not a book, at least some lengthier expositions in article form?

I second the recommendation of the relevant volumes of the _Handbook of
the History of Logic_.

A good compliment to Kneale and Kneale (which despite its extremely
narrow view of what counts as "logic" is still an invaluable resource)
is Leila Haaparanta's _The Development of Modern Logic_ (Oxford, 2009).
For logic in the Middle Ages, I cannot recommend highly enough sections
II to V of Norman Kretzmann, et al., _The Cambridge History of Later
Medieval Philosophy_.

None of these are textbooks, per se, unfortunately; you're quite right
in noting the lack on this subject.  I am currently in the process of
writing one, though it's not yet in a state to be of much use to anyone
other than me.  However, some of the articles that I am using this
semester in my course "Formal Logic Before Frege" might also be of use;
they're linked from

Best wishes,

Dr. Sara L. Uckelman
Institute for Logic, Language, & Computation
Universiteit van Amsterdam

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