[FOM] quantifiers as sentential operators

Jon Awbrey jawbrey at att.net
Wed May 6 13:00:21 EDT 2009


Maybe you could say a little more as to what you have in mind under
"sentential operators", but if I'm anywhere near the right ballpark
there is a short sweet paper by Quine "On the Limits of Decision"
that might be useful here, where he explores some old ideas that
he gets from Herbrand about Boolean functions of "constituent

* Quine, W.V. (1969/1981), "On the Limits of Decision",
''Akten des XIV. Internationalen Kongresses für Philosophie'',
vol. 3 (1969).  Reprinted, pp. 156-163 in Quine (ed., 1981),
''Theories and Things'', Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

Joao Marcos wrote:
> What are the advantages and disadvantages of forcing quantifiers to be
> treated as "sentential operators"? (say, by indexing them with their
> variables)
> Does that even make sense, from a linguistic, an algebraic or a
> computational perspective?
> Reactions and references are welcome.
> JM


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