[FOM] Eliot Mendelson

William Tait wwtx at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 27 14:04:16 EDT 2004


Alas, I am no Answer to [a] Maiden's Prayer, but the AMS Combined 
Membership List gives Eliot Mandelson's email address: 
emenqc at deplnet.com.


On Sep 20, 2004, at 6:01 AM, Thomas Forster wrote:

> Has anyone got an email address for him?  He is uniquely qualified
> to solve a problem I have.  Marcel Crabbe has discovered an article
> in an online journal that professes to prove a result about a
> constructive version of NF (apparently that it is as strong as the
> classical version  - which Randall Holmes believes and I do not!)
> The bad news is that it is in Russian, which i haven't spoken for
> 40 years.
>     Mendelson has translated Russian articles for the AMS in the
> past, knows a fair amount of set theory, and is interested in NF.
> He is the Answer To The Maiden's Prayer!  If you know his address,
> or believe that you, too, might be the answer to the maiden's prayer,
> please RUSH this information to the undersigned
>       Thomas Forster
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