[FOM] Eliot Mendelson

Thomas Forster T.Forster at dpmms.cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 20 07:01:52 EDT 2004

Has anyone got an email address for him?  He is uniquely qualified
to solve a problem I have.  Marcel Crabbe has discovered an article
in an online journal that professes to prove a result about a 
constructive version of NF (apparently that it is as strong as the 
classical version  - which Randall Holmes believes and I do not!)
The bad news is that it is in Russian, which i haven't spoken for
40 years.  

    Mendelson has translated Russian articles for the AMS in the 
past, knows a fair amount of set theory, and is interested in NF.
He is the Answer To The Maiden's Prayer!  If you know his address,
or believe that you, too, might be the answer to the maiden's prayer,
please RUSH this information to the undersigned

      Thomas Forster


       www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/~tf; 01223-337981 and 020-7882-3659
            (NB: change of London phone number!)

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