FOM: Goedel: truth and misinterpretations

Kanovei kanovei at
Thu Oct 26 13:06:24 EDT 2000

> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:26:58 -0700
> From: Martin Davis <martin at>
> I can't imagine what would be clearer than an assertion 
> that a has a 
> solution in natural numbers.
Most assured you cannot be wrong, I only wonder why they 
included the Harrington-Paris note as the only 
(or one of very few) pure research article in the 
"Handbook of Math. Logic", whose (the H-P note) main 
content was to display a true MATHEMATICALLY meaningful 
sentence of PA, not provable in PA. 
The editors had no idea about  
"a particular explicitly displayed system of polynomial equation" ?


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